Friday, January 21, 2011

Who wants free money? Seriously!

My tenure as an expat is coming to a close and I'm in need of a little help. My wife and I are heading to Europe in May where we'll travel for a couple months before settling down in the US. We're excited, but have recently run into a few obstacles. Well, just one really. 

Our dog needs to fly to the US before we leave for Europe. We were originally planning on shipping him in cargo, but the US has changed their laws making that option impossible. At this point, the only thing we can do is pay a pet moving service nearly 2k to move him or I can fly back and drop him off. Both of those cost a lot of money. 

So --and this is where you come in-- I'm looking for a pet courier. If you are going to be flying back to the American Midwest (plus PHX),  all you'd need to do is check my dog in with you. My family will be waiting on the other side to get him. It's legal and you'll have nothing to worry about with customs.

While in Korea, I'll take care of all the paperwork and related cost, plus I'll pay you for your "service" and I'll even take care of your bus ride to the airport. If you're in Seoul, my wife and I will take you out to dinner and drinks before this whole thing happens. 

In the end, you'll make some extra cash and REALLY help me out.