Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer Camp Jobs

Here's the question:
I'm currently working in Korea, but my contract ends in May. I don't really want to get tied into another 12 month contract straight away (unless I can find my dream ESL job!) so am considering teaching at summer camps.
Do you know if any recruiters specialise in recruiting for summer camps? And when do summer camp jobs normally become available? Finally, is there much competition for these positions?
Summer camps are great ways to pick-up some nice, quick cash. They're really great if you're already in-country as well. Being February, there won't be many summer camp gigs being advertised yet, but in April you'll start seeing more and more.

There are a couple different types of summer camps as well. People who teach in public schools know that"summer camp" does not mean really mean "camp" and it usually requires longer days (sometimes with better pay). But you're looking for a contracted summer gig that usually lasts 4-6 weeks. Some jobs will be longer/shorter, but most of them offer pretty decent deals. 

I personally don't know any recruiters who specialize in summer camps. I doubt the cash-flow is consistent enough to warrant an agency dedicated to that, but I might be wrong. As far as competition goes, it's usually not that stiff. The busy hiring season in Korea is in the spring and fall, so the applicant pool isn't as crowded. That means that summer/winter camps often look for teachers who are abroad as well. Since you'd be here, I'd think you'd have an easier time locking in a job. Remember though, the market has tightened a lot over the past couple of years, so get your resume ready and start scouring the job boards in about two months.
I'd shoot for Jeju. That seems like a nice parting-image from the country.

Anyone else have any leads?


Chris in South Korea said...

Assuming you'll complete your contract and have no problems renewing your visa, recruiters will LOVE you. You're already here, completed your most recent contract, and will likely be available / flexible on the time. That means the school will find you easy to work with. Yes, the market is tighter, but I suspect we're coming to an equilibrium of supply and demand.

Consider what will come after summer camp - some schools may hire you for a one-year contract, or that might be the time to get away. Since you'll be busier than normal during the camp you may not have much time to think about that until the very end. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help guys- much appreciated!

Jimmt Sorensen said...

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Unknown said...

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