Monday, December 21, 2009

Expat USA Update

Well, I hope all is going well in the K-blog world and Korea in general.

My wife and I have finished our cross-country tour for now. We hit some great places and even got some solid ideas as to where we will settle when we head back to the US in 2010. Denver and San Fran are looking up, but I have a feeling that the job will dictate our location.

It's great being back and even better being here with the entire family. My wife's brother arrives today and we're all geared up for a huge family Christmas. The eggnog and bourbon have been flowing and I made sure to buy some Soju just to keep things interesting.

Have a good few days leading up to Christmas!


Anonymous said...


kelly ann said...

San Fran is amazing... any city in the bay area is lovely. Denver is awesome, waaay cold in the winter. Not as eclectic and artsy as San Fran. Best of luck to you and the wifey. Merry Christmas!

MissHannah said...

where did you find eggnog here??

Unknown said...

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