Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Expat Roundup


* Roboseyo thinks you should go to Buddha's Birthday Lantern Festival in Jonggak.

* The Marmot has an interesting discussion going on about an anti-Canadian editorial in the Korea Times.

* The Korean briefly talks about surfing in Korea. Don't get too excited, though. It looks grim.

* Gusts of Popular Feeling has a nice write-up on Korean Internet censorship

* The Grand Narrative takes a look at who is wearing deodorant in Korea.

* Korea Beat reports on the increase in school violence.

Korean Media

* Korea Times has an interesting piece on why so many Korean kids where classes.

* KBS says that Korea is seeing a rise in Vietnamese tourists.

* Yonhap has a little story on the Anti-Beauty Pageant being held in Seoul.

* OhmyNews has a nice one about Koreans and their issues with mobile Internet phones.

* Joongang Daily looks at Korea's battle with suicide.

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Brian said...

"where classes"?

This is a hell of a page, hell of an idea. Nice work.

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