Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the "Musings" podcast returns

I've finally gotten the podcast up and running again. I'll throw new ones up there under the banner as much as possible. The one up there now is about the IRS and American taxes in relation to wages earned in Korea or you could click on the sidebar or here for past podcasts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcast info. (I'm the "Lisa" that asked the question).

Unfortunately, I've only been in Korea for 5 months. And I filled out the US residency certification b/c the recruiting company we used...they made it seem like something everyone should be doing.

Love the blog!

The Expat said...

What company did you use? I wonder why their encouraging applicants to do so.

Thanks for the question!

J T A said...

Residency certification?! IRS?! Do I have to?

The Expat said...

You don't need to do the residency certification, but you need to file your taxes. Having a large tax gap can only hurt you in the long run.