Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adult Language Institutes and Hagwons in South Korea

Here's the question:

I hate recruiters. They're stupid and don't speak English worth a damn. I don't want to teach kids, but they don't care. So where are these direct links you keep promising???

Whoa! No need to get feisty, buddy. I do my best to keep up with questions.

Recruiters feed off the uninformed. It's the easiest way for them to make fast cash. If you're diligent enough to do the leg work, you can land a gig without their help. First of all, you gotta know what you want. A lot of prospective teachers know that they want to teach in Korea, but that's about all they know. Inform yourself and then your year in Korea will be so much better.

As I said before, the best way to cut out the middle-man is by applying directly. You'll be able to negotiate your salary and other terms as well as have control over where you'll end up. The problem is that not many schools have direct links. Luckily, you don't want to teach kids, so check out these links.

Adult Language Institutes

Direct English




Wall Street Institute

English Channel

I thought about adding a list for kids hagwons, but honestly it would take hours and hours and most of them won't have any English information or application options.

Did I forget any big adult hagwons?


Anonymous said...

Not all recruiters are Korean. If the questioner wants to deal with someone who speaks English, they can use Korean Horizons, it's a UK based group.

Is it really that easy to do negotiating with schools on your own? Aren't there a lot more steps to it?

The Expat said...

You're right. They're not all Korean, but they all are after money. Still, there are some good ones out there and I appreciate you recommending "Korean Horizons". Did you go through them?

Negotiating with schools can be easy, but you gotta know how to approach them and what to say. There certainly are more steps, but when you apply directly, you can at least represent yourself and your own interests.

Maybe I'll turn you question into a post. I think it would help.

Anonymous said...

Okay, great.

Yes, I did go through Korean Horizons, and had no problems personally. I am aware of one person who have had a problem with them. Not every company is perfect, of course.

Muru said...


I like to know if there is any language institute offering french language classes and interested in hiring french tutors.

pls let me know,

- Murugan

The Expat said...

There are, but the system is a little different that the EFL industry as you'd most likely have to speak Korean pretty well to get the job.

I'll dig around though.

Muru said...

Thanks Expat !!!

Would be eager to hear more from you in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Murugan, did you have any luck finding a job teaching French? I'm here in Korea teaching English, but I would like to learn French. I know some basic things and I have extensive background in other romance languages. Any help would be appreciated.

Expat, did you have any luck digging around? I think finding a school where I can learn French will be hard, but even harder will be finding one where I don't have to speak Korean. If you have any info I would appreciate it greatly.

~ Tom

Jordan said...

So are there any well-reputed adult hagwons out there? I read countless blacklistings of YBM, Pagoda and BCM... I don't want to teach children in Korea anymore, so where do I go?