Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monkey Beach and Lose Control in Bundang

Here's the question:

Hi there, have been in Bundang a while but haven't been able to find Lose Control or MOnkey Bar (apparently it's now called Last Angel). Could you tell me where they are @ Seohyeon station?

Honestly, I haven't been to bars in Bundang since Carne Station closed down in 2007. I had to look this one up on Galbijim. I have a feeling that by Monkey Bar, you might mean Monkey Beach. If that's what you mean, Galbijim offers this:

Frequently a hangout for ESL teachers and G.I.s it's not uncommon to find locals as well frequently up for conversations with native English speakers. Previously as cheap as 2000 won for a draft beer the price increased between 2006 and 2008. Draft beer is now still reasonable at 3000 won.

Leave Samsung Plaza to the Krispy Kreme side. In the second building on the left on the third floor you will find an easily recognizable red Monkey Head logo on a black door.

As for Lose Control, I'm just not sure. I know it's close to Samsung Plaza, but that's all I got. There's no website or mention of directions on the web, so again, I must appeal to my readers.

Where is Lose Control in Bundang?


Uncle Tomato said...

Lose Control is in the same building and same floor as Monkey Beach, right next to it actually!

Unknown said...

You get set up on a trick question.

Lose Control and Monkey Beach at Seohyeon (seems unrelated to the one in Apgujeong) are the same place. I believe Lose Control is the new name, but it was formerly called Monkey Beach, there is still some of its signage present.

LA Club (I think Last Angel or maybe Lost Angel) is on the same side of the plaza, on the same side of the street/walkway. It's further down a couple buildings on the left in the basement.

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