Friday, July 17, 2009

Cheapest Ways to Ship Bikes from Korea

Here's the question:

I've been in Ulsan for the last year and I'm trying to get everything together before I leave in September. I've managed to get everything shipped home. That is, everything except my brand new Trek mountain bike. And this is what lead me to you.

If the bike wasn't worth a good deal of money I wouldn't go to all the trouble shipping it home, but it is, so I am.

Here are the details I know. The Korean postal service won't ship it because it is too large and the local postal lady is not a fan of non Korean-speaking individuals. I've looked into UPS and Fedex, but they are seriously expensive. And I would just take it on the plane with me, but I'm flying into Italy and Ireland on separate tickets before I arrive in the US. Not to mention, I don't want to lug the damned thing around for a month.

So my question is, are there any alternatives to shipping it through the Korean postal service/airlines/UPS/Fedex?

Wow. Every time I thought I had a good answer, you had already been down that avenue. The best route would have been shipping the bike by plane with you, but you don't want to be burden by it in Europe. So, what options do you have? I hate to say it, but I don't know. I am totally stumped by this, so I am appealing to anyone who comes across this post for some advice. I have also posted it on my ESL Teacher group on Facebook. I know that someone out there has been in a similiar position, so we'll give it some time.


Chris in South Korea said...

Find the biggest box you can find (and carry), then disassemble the bike to a point where it will fit in the box. Insurance, insurance, insurance.

Not sure how much a new Trek is going for these days, but the cost / benefit ratio of disassembling, shipping, and reassembling may cost more than selling here and buying there. Just something else to think about :)

Anonymous said...

make a friend with someone on base and have them ship it via USPS! I shipped my friends dive gear for her this way. super cheap and insurance too!

Diana Rosa Iskandar said...

Hi. I was wondering. How did you manage to ship yiur bike in the end? Kinda facing the same problem now. And also what is the cheapest way to ship everything back home. Would you reccomend me the cheapest way?

Unknown said...

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