Monday, August 17, 2009

Art Museums, Stores, Groups and Supplies in Seoul

Here's the question:

Where can I find a comprehensive listing of all things related to art in Seoul? That includes art supply stores, foreigner friendly art groups, regular art groups, shared work spaces, co-ops, galleries and museums.

I can readily help with some of this, but there are a couple I'm not certain about. First of all, art museums and galleries can be found on Korea's tourism site which is getting batter and better. Also, make sure to stop by Korea4Expats which is becoming so damn good these days.

Art Supply Stores

  • Insadong
  • Alpha Art Supply (Namdaemun and Lotte Dept. Store in Jamsil)
  • Morning Glory
  • Homi Art Store (Hongdae and Gangnam)
  • Linko's
  • Art Box (Seohyun)

Art-Related Groups

I think that just about covers all the basics of what I can get a hold of. I would recommend getting touch with some of the members of those groups or even stopping by one of the stores and seeing if they have an additional information. If any readers know anything else about the scene, please add it in the comments.


JIW said...

As an Artist in Korea I have to say that you art supply stores aren't that accurate. But a good try. For example Art Box is just kiddy stuff and doesn't have the stuff an Artist would want like watercolor paints, brushes and quality watercolor paper. Insadong has by far been the best place to shop for actual art supplies. But relying on stationary stores will not help you find Fine Art supplies. To this end the internet and online shopping is your friend.

The Expat said...

Thanks for the info, but by "not accurate" do you mean that all of them are off or just Art Box?

What site do you recommend for finding good supplies?

Alicia said...

preferrbly sites supplies where i can ship to korea for free/cheap

The Expat said...

Any specifics?

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