Thursday, August 6, 2009

English-Speaking Dentists in South Korea

Here's the question:
I have a cavity and it hurts! I need to see a dentist asap. There is a dentist in the building where I teach but he speaks no English (maybe a little, but not enough). I am anal about my teeth and would feel so much more comfortable if I could see a dentist that I could understand. Help?

I live in the Gangnam-gu area (near Daechi & Samseong station & Coex), I don't mind a short travel if necessary.

Many people are concerned about dentists in Korea. I've had some pretty rough cleanings during my time here, but have found a few trustworthy ones. Language became a huge concern for me after the the first guy I went to only understood "ouch" and I think that was about it. I now go to Chicago dental clinic in Gangnam, but since you're closer to COEX you should visit Tufts Dental.
From Samseong station ; Take Exit 5 , continue to walk down the road about 5 minutes, pass straight through an underground crosswalk at POSCO intersection, walk a couple more buildings passing by a Starbucks coffee store& Fed-ex, and look for 437 Teheran-ro. We are on the 3rd floor.

I think that should work well for you and since you can make an appointment online, I can't foresee any problems with them. For those of you curious about other English-speaking dentists in Korea, make sure to check out Galbijim's entry on the subject.


david said...

I live in Beomgye (Anyang) and there's a dentist in my building who speaks English. One of my co-workers recently had one of his wisdom teeth pulled there. If you're interested I'll try to get the information for it.

James said...

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Ashish said...

Hey David, It's Ashish... I live near Byomgye and need to visit a dentist... Could u please be so kind to forward me his number and address on or 010-3313-8437

Dentist in Los Angeles said...

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