Friday, August 21, 2009

Libraries in South Korea

Here's the (revisited) question:

My husband and are avid readers but do not want to spend money on new or used books. We have had some trouble finding a library where we can actually check the books out. Apparently you have to stay on the library grounds to read books at the National Library of Korea. Do you know of a library (preferably near Gangnam) that has a wide selection, or any for that matter, of English books that we could actually check out?

Since this question was asked, I have stumbled across some new information. First of all, the Herald had a good piece on libraries that should help people out. Chris in South Korea continues to do a great job and stopped by the Jeongdok Public Library this week. He also linked a 10 Magazine article about libraries across the peninsula. I think that should give everyone an idea about what's going on.


Chris in South Korea said...

An older article about libraries can also be found at

I recently visited the National Assembly Library, which restored my faith in the libraries here :) It's scheduled for a few days from now, but thought I'd let you know :)

Joel said...

I begin library school in the fall (online) while teaching here. Do you know of anyone who has does the same? I hope to volunteer at a uni or government library, anywhere really, wondering how possible that is or has been for others.