Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Help From Fellow Expats

As always, there are a few questions I can't answer very well and perhaps our ever-growing expat community can offer some info.

Korean universities in Korea?

I currently have a Bachelors degree in English and I would like to obtain a Bachelors degree in Biology as well. My main question is...since I will be working as a teacher in Seoul, can I also continue my studies in Biology? Would you by any chance know if there are any restrictions when it applies to my situation? Do I also have to obtain a student visa as well? I know that I will have to take a Korean proficiency exam in order to apply for these two universities but I was wondering if there are anything else that I should be looking into?

Field hockey?

I'm about a month away from Korea and am wondering if you could find out any information on field hockey in Seoul/Korea. I've had a look round the net but can't really find anything. I know both their national teams are highly ranked in the world, but I saw a newspaper article that said they only had a player base of around 150 (male). If you could shed some light that'd be great.

Any Ilsan laundry pickup service specifics?

I am moving to Ilsan to teach for a year and was wondering if you knew whether or not there are laundry services there. I'm sure there are general laundry services -- more specifically, however, I'm hoping to find a company that would pick up clothing at my apartment and then deliver it to me once it has been cleaned. Are these services common in Korea?

Premier League in Bundang?

The Premier League is starting soon and I really don't want to miss any Liverpool football. Do you know of any pubs in Bundang that show matches regularly?

Thanks, guys.


Chris in South Korea said...

WOW - these are definitely stumpers. I can help with the first one though.

If you're taking college-level classes you'll need a certain visa for it. You can get a visa that allows you to work part-time (JUST part-time, legally at least), as in no more than 20 hours a week while school is in session. Korea4expats.com may have more, and a proposed school would be able to help with visa issues. They WILL require you to have some money in the bank - usually proof of $10,000 USD or more...

Stuart said...

I'd be interested in hearing of anywhere in Bundang that shows matches of any of the Premier League games also. I had to watch the first round online. :(

John from Daejeon said...

For TV and sports lovers out there, investing in a slingbox (slingmedia.com) or a hava box (myhava.com) can really make your stay abroad more pleasant. I'm just lucky enough that my brother has my two boxes hooked up to two different satellite dvr receivers. You just need a host for your box back home. It's also best to set it up before going overseas to make sure everything is in working order. Also, with a Sling or Hava box, you an watch on any computer with broadband (high speed) access in the world--even in the down time at your school.

Michelle said...

Hi, maybe I can help a litte about the hockey question if the writer wants to actually play the sport, and not just watch games. I know of an expat group who meet regularly to play at weekends. The thing is I'm pretty sure they play ice hockey (just not on ice, nor with skates... so similar to field hockey), but I can't be certain. I'll need to send an email or two to get the information... does the original poster want me to do that? Or are they specifically interested in finding out about the Korean men's hockey team?

Michelle said...

Ah, I missed the question about the laundry service. In my last apartment building in North-East Seoul, a guy used to come around every morning to collect or drop off clothes, and I'm also reasonably certain that I've seen this before in other parts of the city. In general, Koreans love having things delivered, and there's a service for nearly everything, so I'm sure that the same would be available in Ilsan. If you can't speak Korean, I'd say that the best thing to do is talk to one of your Korean co-workers (preferably one who lives in the area) and see if they can help.

The Expat said...


So do you think the questioner would be able switch from E2 to a student visa while in Korea?


Those sound cool as hell.

Cass: Any information would be great. And I guess you're not in Ilsan. I know that the service is offered all around Korea, but it would great to get an Ilsan(ian) to offer some inside info. Know any?

์กฐ์•ˆ๋‚˜ said...

I met someone with a visa that was for both teaching and studying.. I don't know what kind of visa it was, but she was working full time while attending a college part time to complete her master's degree. There is a special visa that allows you to do both.. call the consulate, they can probably answer that question for you...

Chris in South Korea said...

@Ask the Expat: Not certain about visa changes - I'd guess like most visa it would require picking it up at a foreign Korean consulate. The Immigration office would be who I'd call for the best info though :)

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