Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Calling All K-Bloggers!

Alright fellow bloggers, Joe (Zen Kimchi), Joy (Foreign/er), Chris (CISK), Alex (Diffism), Jacob (R.O.K. Sojourn) and Brian (BIJD) have all expressed interest, so we started a Facebook group to get the dialogue going.

Join the group and let's get started.


Roboseyo said...

I'm in, too.

Shadi Mirza said...

I wouldn't mind getting in on this, but I'm not in Seoul (Yecheon, Gyeongbuk).

Jacob said...

Hazaa! Excelsior!

paquebot said...

Joined the group a couple of days ago (Wednesday) but when I just checked it seems I'm not a member anymore. I assume that's just a glitch on Facebook's end though.

Plan on attending the meeting on Sunday, horrible sunburn and all.

- Paul (an acorn in the dog's food)

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