Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2 New Podcasts: "Teacher Training" and "K-Bloggers"

Remember that I'm also answering questions on the podcast, Musings Over Makgeolli...

On Teacher Training:

Dear Expat,

Is it normal for hagwons not to really train their teachers for the work they’re supposed to do? My training was 2 days of observation for teaching classes. We are also writing the textbooks (which we sell to the kids and other schools). For that I was trained in an “as-you-go” kind of way. I have been here almost three months and still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing with the textbooks! I have tried to express this to my supervisor, but to no avail. He seems to think I have been sufficiently trained and keeps saying it would be worse at other schools. Is this true? Is this normal hagwon behavior and “training”? Is there a better situation out there?

Podcast here.

And one on K-Bloggers:

I stumbled upon your blog and have followed your links to all the other South Korea-related blogs. It’s a little intimidating though. How am I supposed to sort through the good ones from the bad one’s. There seem to be thousands!

Does everyone write a blog who goes to teach in Korea? If I were to write one, would anybody care?

Podcast here.

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