Monday, June 1, 2009

English Language Movie Listings for South Korea

Here's the question:

Is there an online ENGLISH resource for movie listings in the Seoul area? I can't read Korean yet and am really tired of going to the theatre, only to find out the movie is sold out.


I got this question about four minutes ago and can easily answer it because Brian had a post up today that mentions a website that I had never come across before. It's called Korea Movie Times. It's great and even lists most of the smaller city theaters.

Other than that, The Yeogiyo has some pretty good listings, but not as detailed or comprehensive at Korea Movie Times.

If anybody has any questions, just send me an email at or leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

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Jim said...

Hi Thanks for the post. I spent the past 6 months hammering out the details for the movie show times. I had no idea there was the 'Yeogiyo' while creating the site. Quite ironic that I find out about it now.

You never came across the Korea Movie Times Before because they did not exist till recently. They were up, but not public due to a huge number of time outs. I hope you and your viewers will enjoy the site!!

On a side note, if anyone is wondering, the listing is updated every two hours automatically. As long as the Korean site is good... this one should be the same.

Doug said...

Yeah, I just came across the Korea Movie Times after doing a google search. This is just what we foreigners need in Korea. I hate arriving to a theatre after a 5,000 won cab ride only to find out the only English movie at that theatre is gone and all there is to watch is a tragi-comedy about teenagers with too much money experimenting with alcohol and their confused sense of sexuality. And there is not even subtitles. This site rocks!

The Expat said...


Thanks for putting in the time. I know so many people will appreciate it.


I feel ya! I know that we've all dealt with that.

Jim said...

My pleasure!!

hope everyone continues to enjoy the listing and helps spread the word!!

MizRacy said...

This is the best (and easiest to use) site I've found. I use it all the time and it works really well on phones, too.

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