Monday, June 1, 2009

Soccer (Football) Games and Clubs in Seoul, South Korea

Here's the question:

I'm moving to Suwon soon and was wondering if there was any teams in the local Seoul leagues who needed players? I'll be living in Suwon but
am used to travelling for at least an hour to play football in Manchester back home, so if there are any teams in the Seoul area I would love to

"Some Dude"

Another sports question, huh? I did cover a little on sports in the Seoul area here, but I didn't mention soccer clubs. There are tons of expat soccer players and a lot of clubs out there. You could take a look at Seoul Saturday Soccer League or Expat-Advisory's list of Korea-based teams, but none of them are as well-organized as the Seoul Sunday Football League. These guys have schedules, tournaments, standings and just about anything else you would want. It's also got a nice forum filled with great information.

Judging by how official looking some of those sites are, I can only assume that they're pretty competitive, so those of you looking for a friendly or casual game might be dissuaded to join. For those of you looking for a more casual pickup game, check out some of these facebook groups. Each one of them are different pickup games....

* Sunday Pickup Games in Seoul
* Monday night games in Seoul
* Tuesday night games in Seoul
* Wednesday night games in Seoul
* Thursday night games in Seoul
* Indoor games

All of the above links and groups are active and play 5-a-side.

I think that should just about cover it for you. There appears to be a pretty dedicate group that goes out there and if, for some reason, you can't join of those teams, I would suggest that you either do as OpenMicah suggested and talk to your school or you could just go out there and see if you can get in on the fun.

If anybody has any questions, just send me an email at or leave a comment.


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Anonymous said...

Any chance to find a league in Daegu?

Lex3000 said...

There is a 5v5 tourney in Iksan, Jeonbuk on Nov 7th. Interested? or search for it on facebook