Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water Parks, Spas and Resorts in South Korea

Here's the question:

I have searched all over the net for this but am not getting good results. Is there a list of waterparks/resorts for all over Korea? So far I am only getting caribbean Bay and Ocean Park. I have heard there are tons more but they are not showing up in my searches.

With all the serious and heavy questions I've been getting lately, I was thrilled to see this one. Thanks. Caribbean Bay and Ocean World easily get the most exposure (thanks in part to Lee Hyori), but there are more. Korean Water Parks are actually getting some pretty positive press, so I would encourage everybody to take a weekend and stop by some of them. The Korea Sparkling site has info on the big ones, but I'll list them here as well as a few lesser-known spots.

* Caribbean Bay

* Termeden

* Tiger World

* Sealala Spa & Water Park

* Seorak Waterpia

* Ocean World

* Spa Castle

* Asan Spavis

* Spa Valley

* Ocean Castle

Most of those are water parks and/or spas. I thought about writing a review for each, but I would just be copying and pasting, so I figured you could click on the links yourself. I should also add that this list is by no means all of the spas and resorts on the peninsula. There are plenty more. For a nation of non-swimmers (not really), I think they're doing a pretty good job! Enjoy!

Update 6/26/09: Brian's got a good one of water parks in Jeollanam-do.

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