Thursday, June 25, 2009

Luggage Weight Limitations for your Flight to South Korea

Here's the question:

ive just got a job in a public school in seoul in korea, im due to travel on the 23rd of august from the UK. i was wondering what the weight restrictions for luggage are?, your help would be greatly appreciated.

This question gets asked all the time on my Facebook group and no one really ever gets a solid answer. Why not? Well, weight restrictions typically depend on the airline. Some are more lenient than others. I would recommend contacting your airline and asking them. You should also consider that limitations and restrictions change so often that it would not be wise of me to offer advice. Typically, they will allow for a little more weight if you let them know you're going to be abroad for a year. There's a helpful website called "Luggage Guide" that gets updated semi-regularly and has a lot of good links, so drop by there and see what they think.

Rather than worrying about how much you can pack and whether you can push the limits, I would suggest packing as light as possible. Skimp on a few things. Many people get stressed about packing and try to cram everything in when they first come to Korea. This is not necessary. Take a look at my "What to Pack" post and start crossing some stuff off the list. You'll be happy that you did. Remember, South Korea is not a summer camp where you must rely on the canteen for supplies, much of what you need is here.
And if you did forget a thing or two, well you can always ask your parents to send you a package from home or you can ask me where to find it and I'll try my best to help out.

If anybody has any questions, just send me an email at or leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

George, Its Liam. You know handsome Liam who used to teach in Wonderland. I had a similar problem tot his guy when i came over first. Flying from the UK the weight limit is at or around 20 kg. Over that You can go up to (I think) around 32 kg with minimal charges. I however had 59 kg. They wanted to charge me basically doublet he price of the flight for that, so it was a big issue. I would recommend that this fella shoots for about 20-25 kg to be on the safe side. And stuff as much as you can into your carry on luggage when flying from the UK.

The Expat said...

Handsome Liam -my favorite Brit *cough* I mean, Welshman! Thanks for the comment, man. 59kg? What the hell was in there? Can I guess?

I didn't even consider carry-on. You can usually fit some pretty hefty loads in there these days.

Anonymous said...

Even though there are size restrictions for carry-on luggage I have always stuffed my backpack and never been asked to check it against one of the measuring bins. That's definitely one great way to get some extra stuff on the plane.

If you arrive in the summer another way to save space is to 'wear' your winter coat and then store it in the overhead compartments as soon as you board. Similarly, gather together your cold weather clothing and have someone mail it to you after you arrive.

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