Thursday, May 7, 2009

Concert, Show and Music Listings in South Korea

Here's the question:

Who are people using for regular concert and show info in Korea? Nothing seems consistent. I don't find regular, credible info on concerts in Korea on any single site. Am I missing something?


I talked about this here already and I figured I would add a little more to this. I have a feeling that I'll be answering a lot of these questions and since I seem to be getting a lot of hits from people searching for music in Korea, I should address those searches. I did find some more info, but as the questioner said, they're just isn't much consistency. I have noticed that the admins at Dave's tend to delete concert info, so cruising the forums there usually don't produce many results.

This is the best list I can come up with and I hope to continue adding to this as time goes by.

  • Expat Advisory: They do a good job of listing some gigs around Seoul.
  • Interpark: This Korean language site lists a bunch of artists, but most of the artists are Korean.
  • Dope Entertainment: They seem to do pretty well with keeping metal listings current.
  • 02Pro: It certainly isn't the clearest site, but if you're into electronic music then give it a try.
  • Korean Punk: It's a Facebook site, but it lists some good sources for punk music.
  • Festivals and Events in Korea: Another Facebook site. This one, however, is not that great and mostly ignores decent music.
  • Broke in Korea: This is easily the best resource for punk music in Korea.
  • Korea Gig Guide: My personal favorite for all types of tunes on the peninsula.
  • Jambase: While it is easily my favorite music website, it just doesn't produce much for Korea.
  • Worknplay: Most people use it as a job resource, they also have an entertainment page that is okay.
  • Party Luv: The site is in Korean, but it is great for the club scene.
  • Daejon Concerts: Another facebook group that is helping make the music scene in Daejon more accessible

I'm going to try and keep this list as current as possible and might even start a weekly update combining all the shows from those sites.

If anybody has any questions, just send me an email at or leave a comment.


expat-advisory said...

Expat Advisory offer anyone the opportunity to list their events.

We now list events for ROK, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

All anyone needs to do is register and then add the events.

Anonymous said...

There is this website (in Korean) which is great for clubbing :
Agenda, list of clubs, party reviews...

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